Chad Magendanz

Representing the 5th District

Strengthening our economy, helping working families, and improving our schools are my top priorities. I am a strong advocate for smaller, leaner government. We need to focus on providing essential state services efficiently, hold state agencies accountable, and minimize layers of bureaucracy.

As a former president of the Issaquah School Board, I believe education improves our competitive edge and spurs economic growth. Educating children in innovative ways can encourage them to get excited about high-tech career fields. We need to remove barriers to advancement by working to close the skills-gap, offer more opportunities for learning, and keep our four-year and technical colleges at the forefront of innovation and technology.

It is an honor to represent 5th Legislative District. Please use this site as a resource to stay connected with me and your citizen Legislature. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance, have concerns, comments or ideas about state government. Thank you for allowing me to represent you.

Rep. Chad Magendanz
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