House Republicans name members, ranking members to 2015 House committees

Dec. 18, 2014
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House Republicans name members, ranking members to House committees for 2015
Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-39

House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen

House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-Snohomish, named members of House committees from the House Republican Caucus today. He also appointed ranking members of the committees to take the lead for the caucus on various issues before the Legislature. The committee appointments are as follows:

Agriculture & Natural Resources
Buys (Ranking), Dent (Assistant Ranking), Chandler, Kretz, Orcutt, Schmick

Chandler (Ranking), Wilcox (Assistant Ranking), Parker (Assistant Ranking), Buys, Condotta, Dent, Fagan, Haler, Hunt, MacEwen, Magendanz, Schmick, Stokesbary, Taylor, Van Werven

Business & Financial Services
Vick (Ranking), Parker (Assistant Ranking), Hunt, Kochmar, McCabe

Capital Budget
DeBolt (Ranking), Smith (Assistant Ranking), Kochmar, Walsh

Commerce & Gaming
Condotta (Ranking), Holy (Assistant Ranking), Scott, Vick

Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs
Johnson (Ranking), Zeiger (Assistant Ranking), Hawkins

Early Learning & Human Services
Walsh (Ranking), Scott (Assistant Ranking), Dent, Hawkins, McCaslin

Magendanz (Ranking), Muri (Assistant Ranking), Stambaugh (Assistant Ranking), Caldier, Fagan, Griffey, Hargrove, Hayes, Klippert, McCaslin

Shea (Ranking), Short (Assistant Ranking), Harris, Pike, Taylor

Nealey (Ranking), Orcutt (Assistant Ranking), Condotta, Manweller, Stokesbary, Wilcox

General Government & Information Technology
MacEwen (Ranking), Caldier (Assistant Ranking), McCabe

Health Care & Wellness
Schmick (Ranking), Harris (Assistant Ranking), Caldier, DeBolt, Johnson, Rodne, Short

Higher Education
Zeiger (Ranking), Haler (Assistant Ranking), Hargrove, Holy, Stambaugh, Van Werven

Rodne (Ranking), Shea (Assistant Ranking), Haler, Klippert, Muri, Stokesbary

Manweller (Ranking), Hunt (Assistant Ranking), McCabe

Local Government
Taylor (Ranking), Griffey (Assistant Ranking), McCaslin, Pike

Public Safety
Klippert (Ranking), Hayes (Assistant Ranking), Griffey, Wilson

State Government
Holy (Ranking), Van Werven (Assistant Ranking), Hawkins

Technology & Economic Development
Smith (Ranking), DeBolt (Assistant Ranking), Harmsworth, Magendanz, Nealey, Young

Orcutt (Ranking), Hargrove (Assistant Ranking), Harmsworth, Hayes, Kochmar, Pike, Rodne, Shea, Wilson, Young, Zeiger

Kristiansen (Ranking), Kretz (Assistant Ranking), Haler, Harmsworth, Harris, Short, Stambaugh, Wilcox, Young, Zeiger

The 2015 legislative session is scheduled to begin Jan. 12 and last 105 days.

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