Rep. Chad Magendanz continues push to eliminate cybercrime

Legislator: Rep. Chad Magendanz
Run Time: 37 seconds
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Lawmakers in Olympia are gearing up for the opening of the legislative session, and many, like Chad Magendanz have hit the ground running.  The Issaquah Republican has been championing his cybercrime legislation for several days. Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Rep. Chad Magendanz:  “Just watch the news. Hundreds of dollars in losses.”

Johnson:  Republican Chad Magendanz from Issaquah says prosecutors are forced to use 20th century statutes to deal with 21st century crime.

Rep. Chad Magendanz:  “We need to give prosecutors the tools to go after these criminals.”

Johnson:  His legislation includes whole new categories of cybercrime: tampering and spoofing, or so-called denial of service attacks.

Rep. Chad Magendanz:  “The actually have products which, for 20 bucks, can take out your competition’s website.  That should be a crime as well.”

Johnson:  His goal: give prosecutors the tools so they can take a criminal out of service before he takes the data out of your system.”

Ruth Johnson, in Olympia.


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