Magendanz celebrates sponsored/co-sponsored bills becoming law

Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, is celebrating the success of several bills he sponsored/co-sponsored signed into law by the governor recently. These bills address a myriad of issues including: alleviating teacher shortages, vision screening in schools, truancy reform, data security and privacy, consumer protections for retirement communities, and the decommissioning and remediation of a coal-fired electric generation plant in Colstrip, Montana.

“I am extremely grateful to be a part of making these bills become law,” said Magendanz, R-Issaquah. “Our bipartisan work has produced a group of legislation focused on improving education, protecting taxpayers, and increasing public safety.”

In a history making event, for the first since 1981, one bill became law without the governor’s signature. Senate Bill 6194/House Bill 2367 reestablishes the Charter School Commission and funds the schools through the Opportunity Pathways account – a constitutionally unrestricted funding source of lottery revenue.

“I am truly honored to have sponsored this bill. Charter Schools drive innovation and help many otherwise disadvantaged students get a quality education. I love seeing the enthusiasm these kids have for their schools. Even without the governor’s endorsement, seeing this become law is a huge win for the 1100 charter school students and their families in Washington state,” continued Magendanz.
Other bills Magendanz sponsored that passed the legislature and were signed into law include:

  • House Bill 2375 – The Washington Cybercrime Act updates current statutes to help prosecute crimes of electronic data interference, data theft, spoofing, and tampering in the first and second degree.
  • Senate Bill 6245/House Bill 1865 – Establishes vision screening in schools to include both distance and near-vision testing for students in every school district in Washington state.

Bills co-sponsored, amended or helped through the legislative process include:

  • Senate Bill 6248/House Bill 2525 – The Coal Transition Act puts regulatory framework in place for the decommissioning and remediation of a coal-fired electric generation plant in Colstrip, Montana that provides electricity for thousands of customers in the Puget Sound. This plan will help minimize any impact on Washington rate payers.
  • Senate Bill 6455/House Bill 2573 – Addresses the teacher shortages by helping to recruit and retain teachers, removes barriers for out-of-state teachers to be certified in Washington, expands scholarship opportunities, and expands alternate routes to teaching certification for experienced workers looking for a second career.
  • Senate Bill 6528 – The Cybersecurity Jobs Act will put in place a process for detecting and responding to security incidents, including any accidental or deliberate events that result in unauthorized access, loss, disruption, or destruction of communication and information technology resources. This will help the private sector develop assets to protect industries and critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks.
  • House Bill 2360 – Eliminates a layer of outdated bureaucracy by repealing the quality education council and the technical funding working group that is overseen by the council.
  • House Bill 2449 – The Keeping Kids in School Act puts in place consistent practices and procedures to help prevent truancy.
  • House Bill 2726 – Creates a consumer protection measure which will provide increased transparency and oversight of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).
  • House Bill 2875 – Creates the office of data privacy, protection, and access equity to serve as a central point of contact for state agencies on matters involving data privacy and protection.
  • House Bill 1541 – Aimed at narrowing the opportunity gap by addressing structural issues in the educational system that disproportionately affect students of color.

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