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Washington House Republicans proposed an amendment to the 2016 supplemental operating budget on Feb. 25 that would have ensured the continued operations of public schools.

Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, celebrates the success of several bills he sponsored/co-sponsored during the 2016 session including; Charter Schools, vision screening, The Washington Cybercrime Act, data privacy, truancy reduction, and coal...

Chad Magendanz, a 20 year veteran of Microsoft, says the sophistication of the cybercriminal is growing faster than the ability of the law to properly prosecute.

Studies show that one in four kids have undiagnosed eye problems. On Friday, the governor signed into law legislation that could change the lives of thousands of kids across Washington.

Rep. Chad Magendanz sponsored The Washington Cybercrime Act giving prosecutors the tools they need to punish cybercrime activity and helping to protect increasingly vulnerable digital communication systems from attack.

Rep. Chad Magendanz issues statement on Charter School bill becoming law without the governor's signature.

Magendanz bill to provide for, and require, visual screening that includes testing for both distance and near vision for students in every school district signed into law today.

Lawmakers returned to Olympia this week, approved supplemental operating and capital budgets, took the historic action of overriding all 27 of Gov. Inslee's vetoes, and then adjourned the special session. John...

Rep. Chad Magendanz talked about the important things the new compromise supplemental operating budget does for education. This is the audio of his entire floor speech.

Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, talks with KVI about charter schools, the special session, and recent gubernatorial vetoes.