Magendanz hails ‘pro-education’ budget

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Magendanz hails 'pro-education' budget

Education was a clear winner in the supplemental operating budget passed Thursday by the Legislature, said state Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah.Rep. Magendanz speaks on the House floor on Navy Day

The supplemental spending measure provides an additional $64 million for K-12 education and $35 million for higher education. It relies on revenues that have come into state coffers since the 2013-15 budget was enacted last year.

“In this budget we've exercised restraint and prioritization,” said Magendanz.

“There's less than a quarter of a percent growth in spending. We've put twice as many dollars into the growth of education funding as we have in non-education funding, and we've put it very deliberately into areas that will help remedy the McCleary situation.”

The state Supreme Court ruled in its 2012 McCleary decision that Washington isn't fulfilling its constitutional duty to fully fund basic education.

Magendanz also secured funding in the budget for a program to let students and parents research online the potential future wages of different post-secondary degrees and certificates. He had originally sponsored a bill to establish the program, but when it stalled in committee he looked for another way to get it through the legislative process.

“People are looking for a return on investment in higher education,” said Magendanz.  “This 'economic success metrics' program will give students and their parents valuable information about the earnings potential of various courses of study.”


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