Rep. Chad Magendanz offers legislation aimed at reducing the teacher shortage

Legislator: Rep. Chad Magendanz
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The teacher shortages in Washington State have become a major focus in Olympia.  And one lawmaker, Representative Chad Magendanz of Issaquah, says the answer may come in mobilizing experienced workers who have real-life experience to bring to the table.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson: Magendanz says there are many routes to certification as a teacher.

Magendanz:  “It’s just too much of a secret that there are these opportunities available.”

He’s introduced legislation that would create a public awareness campaign designed to promote opportunities.  And he tells the story one man who went the alternative route and quickly became certified.

Magendanz: “He came from the private sector.  While he was working, he took night courses during the spring and the during the summer he was in college ramping up, and by fall he was teaching with oversight of a mentor and by fall he was certificated.”

That man, was the lawmaker’s father.  Magendanz thinks his bill could impact not only the teacher shortage, but unemployment. And–he says–the price tag is much cheaper than the governor’s plan.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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