Rep. Chad Magendanz talks with KVI on charters, vetoes, and the budget

Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, spent time on KVI discussing charter schools and recently passed legislation to preserve them in Washington.  He explained that charters are available in 41 other states and are a proven alternative, particularly for at-risk kids.  “They know what works with kids who are chronically underserved by traditional brick and mortar schools,” he said.  “It’s a recipe that works.”  He also spoke of the need for an alternative choice for many families, stating, “The public school system is a monopoly, and.  “And monopolys are not traditionally sensitive to their customers.”

KVI is reporting that the Seattle Times is now calling on the governor to sign the charter schools legislation into law.  Magendanz, who discussed Jay Inslee’s recent veto of dozens of bills, said that he believes the governor will bow to the call of the electorate.


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