Lawmakers approve supplemental operating budget, override governor’s vetoes, adjourn special session

Legislator: Rep. Chad Magendanz
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Lawmakers returned to Olympia this week, approved supplemental operating and capital budgets, took the historic action of overriding all 27 of Gov. Inslee's vetoes, and then adjourned the special session. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

(Voicer opens with gavel sound and speaker. . .)

Sattgast: It took 60 days of the regular session and 19 days of a special session. But lawmakers have finally finished their business by passing a supplemental operating budget that increases spending by 191 million dollars.

Chandler: “This bill before us takes a underlying budget and makes it just a little better.”

Sattgast: That’s Representative Bruce Chandler, House Republican budget negotiator. He says the compromise agreement makes minor adjustments to the existing two-year budget. It also takes care of emergencies.

Magendanz: “We have a significant teacher shortage!”

Sattgast: Representative Chad Magendanz, ranking Republican on the House Education Committee…

Magendanz: “This budget includes substantial investments – five-point-three million dollars to attract and retain quality teachers to where they’re needed the most.”

Sattgast: There’s additional need grant money for college students, funding for mental health programs, and $190 million for wildfire suppression. But Spokane Representative Kevin Parker says taxpayers are also winners, because Republicans held firm. . .

Parker: “About one-hundred-twenty million dollars of taxes were proposed. We successfully said no to that.”

Sattgast: Finally, lawmakers historically overrode Governor Inslee’s vetoes — all 27 of them — before ending the session and heading back home.

John Sattgast, Olympia.


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