Governor signs Rep. Chad Magendanz’ vision screen bill into law

Legislator: Rep. Chad Magendanz
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Studies show that one in four kids have undiagnosed eye problems. The result: difficulty learning and behavioral problems. On Friday, the governor signed into law legislation that could change the lives of thousands of kids across Washington.

Johnson: It is thought that problems with vision lead to illiteracy in 25 percent of students, 66 percent of adults and 90 percent of prison inmates.  Republican Representative Chad Magendanz sponsored legislation he thinks will give kids a whole new perspective on learning.

Magendanz: “What we can do, in a very cost effective way is just run a simple near- vision screening to address these issues and get it addressed early in a child’s career, so we’re not dealing with illiteracy issues later in life.”

Johnson: Kids are tested in schools for distance, but not for “close-up” vision impairments.  Magendanz’ plan requires and provides funds for testing for both distance and near vision.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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