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Rep. Chad Magendanz talked about the important things the new compromise supplemental operating budget does for education. This is the audio of his entire floor speech.

March 30, 2016

The Washington State House of Representatives passed the bipartisan 2015-17 operating budget Monday evening with a strong bipartisan vote. Reps. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, and Jay Rodne, R-Snoqualmie, voted in favor of...

June 30, 2015

The House Education Committee today held a public hearing on a bill sponsored by Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, to overhaul the way teachers are paid.

March 4, 2015

Education was a clear winner in the 2014 supplemental budget, says Rep. Magendanz.

March 14, 2014

Please take a moment to answer Rep. Magendanz's 2014 issue survey for 5th District residents.

Dec. 24, 2013

Rep. Magendanz says a first step to creating a more competitive business climate.

Nov. 10, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 28, 2013CONTACT:Bobbi Cussins, Public Information Officer – (360) 786-7252 Bipartisan education bill strengthens student outcomes, supports teachers In the final days before the deadline to pass the state...

June 29, 2013

In an April 2 telephone town hall meeting, 5th Legislative District residents asked questions of their state lawmakers and offered thoughts on everything from the state budget and education funding to...

April 3, 2013

Despite being the newest member of the 5th District legislative team, Rep. Chad Magendanz is no stranger to the education reform and funding debate. As a “PTA dad,” former president of...

Feb. 26, 2013